Polimag - Magnetic-Abrasive Machining


Polimag is a small Belarussian scientific-engineering enterprise, that was created in 1991 and since then is specialised in technologies and nanotechnologies of MAGNETIC-ABRASIVE MACHINING (MAM): research, production of equipment and industrial development. Polimag has invented and developed different magneto assisted processes for precision finishing operations like Magneto-Rheological Finishing (MRF) and Magneto Abrasive Machining (MAM), and has proven the high potential of these processes for industrial applications.

We develop technologies and equipment for the MAM of the surfaces of different materials. For example, MAM of silicon plates (integral schemes substrates), optic glasses and fluorides (active elements of lasers) forms a surface nanorelief with roughness of less than 20 angstrom. The process is easy for realisation and efficient, it surpasses the analogues in quality and ecology. We are open for partnership for technology development and application.

Polimag - Magnetic-Abrasive Machining


On our website you can find information about our technology, you can consult the schemes and the processes of the Magnetic-Abrasive Machining. You can find the technical description of the equipment created by Polimag, visit our page of various applications of the Magnetic-Abrasive-Machining.

There is also infomation out our team, our publications and possibility to contact us.